Below are the pooja mandirs we built earlier for our clients and currently not offering for new clients. We try to keep all our collections in our website to provide better reference and insight to our mandirs. 

pooja mandirs - Archived/discontinued collections

This is our smaller size collection built with the below minimum specifications. Even though these are smaller, they are cuter. They get a full size drawer to keep pooja items. These are perfect mandirs if you want a smaller and yet a beautiful mandir. They are less expensive compare to other models, but still have greater elegance and nothing was compromised on quality and aesthetics. Many upgrades in other models are standard in this collection like bells, back covering, and storage drawer.
Minimum Specs: Length - 3 feet, Width - 16 feet, and Height - 3 feet. Click here for more details.

​​​​​​​Custom Pooja Mandirs 

Made in the USA (Cary, North Carolina)