​​​​​​​Custom Pooja Mandirs 

Made in the USA (Cary, North Carolina)

​​​We highly recommend our customers to come and pick their mandirs once they are ready. If they can't come, we assist them to ship their mandirs.  We are currently providing shipping options for our top of the line mandirs, Chitra and Dhanishta collections. We work with the client to get quotes from different freight shipping companies and help the clients to choose the best one, and the clients have an option to pay money to the Shipping company directly or we can pay and add those charges to the mandir price.

We bubble wrap the mandir carefully and create a custom wooden box with thick plywood sheets, and place the wrapped mandir inside so, they don't get damaged during the transit. So far all our clients received theirs mandirs very safely. The custom wooden box packing is helping greatly.

Below are a few pics that show the packing and shipment pickup from our end.