​​​​​​​​​​Pooja Mandirs  

We custom build Your Pooja Mandir in the USA (Raleigh, NC)​

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Chitra Collection - SEMI Closed Models (starts froM $3600)

​Collection 1: 

​​Measurements: 60" length X 12" depth X 65" height (Bottom Storage 16", Middle portion 35", Top Dome 14")
Stain Color: Merlot 
Selected Upgrades: 1 ledge to keep picture frames, 1 step to keep idols, 3 LED multi color lights with a remote, bells to the front panel, side walls, and top dome.

This is our premium collection with bigger sizes in the semi closed model. This style is a good choice for clients who want some level of privacy and place the pooja mandir in an open room/area like hallways, loft, study room, sunroom, etc. Base price includes bottom storage with three doors (middle door opens down and the other two doors open side way), two 35" standard columns/pillars at the front, sides covered with trim and a flower at the center, plain back wall, and top dome. Staining/Coloring is part of the base price. You can choose any color that we offer.

Base Measurements:60" length X 24" depth X 65" height (Bottom Storage 16", Middle Portion 35", Top Dome 14") 

​​Upgrade Options: All upgrade options are available for this collection to make your mandir special and unique to your taste. For a list of upgrades look at the Upgrades page.

Please browse through the below collections to get a better understanding of how to customize mandirs by picking different upgrades we offer. 

​Collection 2: 

​​Measurements: 60" length X 24" depth X81" height (Bottom Storage 32", Middle portion 35", Top Dome 14")
Stain Color: Vintage Cherry
Selected Upgrades:  3 steps to keep idols, 3 LED lights, 3 pullout trays, 2 drawers, bottom storage height increase, bells to the front panel and top dome.