​​​​​​​​​​Pooja Mandirs  

We custom build Your Pooja Mandir in the USA (Raleigh, NC)​

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Swing inside the Pooja Mandir: You can have a swing in the main pooja area of your pooja mandir and place your idols on it. The swing is installed to the ceiling with gold plated chain. 

LED Recessed Lights: This is a popular upgrade that many customers pick. These LED lights are energy-efficient and last longer. You can pick Warm White or Day Light. You need to choose a minimum of 3 lights and can go incremental of 3. For Small to medium-sized mandirs three lights are sufficient, and for large mandirs, six lights give ample brightness.

Mandir Middle Columns/Pillars: You have an option to choose columns with different heights. Our basic columns start from 29 inches and go up to 40 inches. You can choose 29", 35", and 40" columns. In 35" and 42" columns, you have many different designs to select. Here are a few pics that show some of the columns we offer.

Ledges, Steps, and Raised Platform on top of the Mandir Base: Having one or more ledges installed on the back wall is the perfect way to organize frames. It enhances the beauty of your pooja mandir and frames, and allow you to remove them easily for cleaning and placing flowers at the bottom and top of the picture frames. If you have idols along with your frames, you can add a raised platform or multiple steps to keep your idols. You can also add a ledge on the top step to keep frames. This setup helps to organize your frames and idols, and they will be very well integrated with your pooja mandir. Please refer to the below pics for more details.

​​​​​​Pullout Trays: ​​Pullout trays are convenient for keeping prasadas and harathi, and extends your mandirs base space when you need it. For two-door mandirs, you need to choose two pullout trays. For mandirs with three doors, you have an option to choose one pullout tray just in the middle. Here are the pics for reference.

​​​​​​Semi Back Covering with Wood, Trim, and Bells: ​If you want to make you mandir more beautiful, you should consider adding a semi back covering with wood, trim, and bells. You can come up with creative ideas to have a unique back design that would make your mandir special. Here are some of the back designs we have built so far.

​​​​​​​​We build pooja mandirs in various sizes and provide many custom options based on your desires. You have the freedom to select different dimensions (width, length, and height), stain colors, storage options, pooja mandir layouts, and many more to make your pooja mandir unique and special. Here are the upgrades we offer:

​​​​Drawers instead of Doors: ​​You can choose to have a drawer(s) instead of standard doors for storage. If you want to replace doors for pooja mandirs with two doors, you need to choose both doors replaced with drawers. For mandirs with three doors, you have an option to have a drawer in the middle and leave doors on the sides to balance the storage. Here are the pics for reference.

​​​Gold Colored Hanging Diyas: ​​Hanging diyas bring spirituality and add extra elegance to your pooja mandir. You can start with a pair and add as many as you like. Here are a few pics with hanging diyas installed.

Gold Colored Bells: ​​You have an option to choose gold-coated bells in two sizes (Medium and Large) for any puja mandir from our collection. We maintain a minimum of 6 inches space between each bell and install them on top dome. You can also choose to install bells on the back wall, side wall, and front mandir doors. Here a few pictures for reference.