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Below are a list of frequently asked questions that we hear from our customers.

Q. What does PoojaMandirs.com do?
A. We build pooja mandirs in different sizes and provide many custom options to choose based on your desires. You have freedom to select different sizes (width, length, and height), stain colors, storage options, temple layouts, and many more to make your temple unique and special.

Q. Where are you located and how do we contact you?
A. We are at 247 Oak Haven Ln, Apex, NC USA - 27523. Apex is a neighboring city of Raleigh and Cary. You can reach us at +1 (919) 945-6936 or custompoojamandirs@gmail.com

Q. What are your timings?
A. You can call us anytime between 10am and 6pm EST from Tuesday to Sunday. We are closed on Monday. You can send an email or leave a voice mail anytime. If you want to visit us, please call us to schedule an appointment. We may not accomodate walk-ins.

Q. How do you price your pooja mandirs?
A. We categorized our pooja mandirs with different collections, and each collection has a base price mentioned in the corresponding product pages. Additional price is added based upgrades selected on top of the base model.

Q. Do you ship your pooja mandirs?
A. Yes, we ship our pooja mandirs all over the USA.

Q. Do you keep pooja mandirs in stock?
A. In any given point, we try to keep a couple of pooja mandirs for display purposes. We take custom orders, build them in a few weeks, and deliver to the clients. Once a pooja mandir is completed, we upload photos onto our website, www.poojamandirs.com and our facebook page www.facebook.com/custompoojamandirs

Q. How do I choose my pooja mandir?
A. Clients can select any model from our collection and customize based on their needs and wishes. 

Q. How do you help me choosing and customizing my pooja mandir?
A. We spend a lot of time with your customers to fully understand what they want, and explain how they can choose and customize their mandirs.

Q. What is the average time to build a pooja mandir?
A. Once an order is made for our custom pooja mandirs, we take 3 to 6 weeks based on the size and upgrades selected.

Q. How do you price your pooja mandirs?
A. All our pooja mandir collections have base prices, and we offer many upgrades on top of our base models. The total price is calculated based on the base price and selected upgrades.

Q. What are the upgrades you offer?
A. Here are the some of the upgrades we currently offer:
- Bells
- Drawers instead of Doors: You can choose to have a drawer(s) in the middle and door(s) in right and left.
- Pullout Trays: You can have just one pullover tray in the middle if that is sufficient.
- Full Back Covering with Wood
- Semi Back Covering with Wood, Trim , Bells, and Hanging Diyas
- Full back covering with a Wood Framed Mirror
- Designed Ceiling
- Temple Pillars/Poles: There are many designs from simple to more elegant
- LED Recessed Lights: Minimum 3
- Steps on Top of the Temple Base: To keep small idols.

Q. Do you ship your mandirs from India?
A. No, all our mandirs are made in the USA (Cary, NC).

Q. What kind of material you use, and where do you buy them?
A. We use premium material that last longer. We buy raw material from local lumber shops.

Q. What kind of wood you use?
A. We use stain grade Red Oak Ply, Pine molding and trim. Columns/Poles come in variety of wood species that include Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, Alder, Pine etc.

Q. What are the different stain/color options you have for your pooja mandirs
A. We offer a wide range of stains. Here is the link to see different stain options. Please look at the Colors page for details.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your pooja mandirs?
A. Our mandirs, except Vishaka collection start from 36in.(L)X12in.(D)X42 in.(H) and go up to 90in.(L), 24in.(D), 96 in.(H). Customers can select any size between these min and max dimensions. Vishaka collection starts from 24in.(L)X8in.(D)X36 in.(H) and go up to 36in.(L)X12in.(D)X42 in.(H).  

Q. Do you sell pooja mandir accessories?
A. Yes, we do. We sell bells, hanging diyas and decorative garlands.

Q. How do I pick up my mandir?
A. Based on your mandir dimensions we suggest a vehicle. If you mandir is below 4 feet wide, you may fit in a sedan or 5 seater SUV. If it is over 4 feet, you may need a 7 seater SUV or a Mini Van. If your mandir is over 6 feet, you need a trailer like UHAUL.

Q. Can I dismantle my pooja mandir?
A. All our pooja mandirs, can be dismantled into at least 2 segments. Bottom and top.

Q. Once I place an order for a pooja mandapam, do you share work in progress pictures at every logical step of the building process?
A. Yes, we share pics at every logical step.

Q. Can I make changes to my puja mandap dimensions once the work is started?
A. We can't accommodate changing dimensions once the work is started as it impacts the whole structure, but we will allow changes that don't fall under structural changes.

Frequently Asked Questions