​​​​​​​​​​Pooja Mandirs  

We custom build Your Pooja Mandir in the USA (Raleigh, NC)​

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​Collection 1: 

​​Measurements: 54" length X 24" depth X 61" height (Bottom Storage 16", Middle portion 35", Top Dome 10")​
Stain Color: Dark Brown 
Selected Upgrades: length increase from 48" to 54", 3rd partition in the bottom storage, 1 drawer, 1 pullout tray, 2 upgraded front columns, bells to the top dome, 1 ledge to keep picture frames, 2 steps to keep idols, 3 LED multi color lights with a remote. 

Shravana Collection - Semi Closed Models (starts froM $2700)

​​​​This is our premium collection in medium size semi closed models. This style is a good choice for clients who want some level of privacy and place the pooja mandir in an open room/area like hallways, loft, study room, sunroom, etc. Base price includes bottom storage with two doors opening down, two 35" standard columns/pillars at the front, sides covered with trim and a flower in the center, plain back wall, and top dome. Staining/Coloring is part of the base price. You can choose any color that we offer

Base Measurements: 48" length X 24" depth X 63" height (Bottom Storage 16", Middle Portion 35", Top Dome 12") 

​​Upgrade Options: All upgrade options are available for this collection to make your mandir special and unique to your taste. For a list of upgrades look at the Upgrades page.

Please browse the below collections to get a better understanding of how to customize mandirs by picking different upgrades we offer.